This year, I, Eeyore, explain my life since I know my life better than my servants.
They, Pius and Meg, give me less food. They claim that I'm fat!. Give me a break!
According to my best friend's owner, Cindy, that is cruel thing. I agree with her completely. 
Give me more food!
I want to hear others' opinions. Am I fat?

Meg sometimes takes pictures during I am sleeping. I don't like it.
Looks less beautiful than usual. Don't you think?
Pictures as below are XXX ranked. These pictures are taken without my consent!

This is my third birthday. Meg gave me little milk. They are being cheap!
And I hate to wear a birthday cap! Stop it!

Halloween, they put a candy basket on me. I'm afraid that they might think that
I am a their pet. Big No No. I'm princess; they are my servants. 

They love to scare me. At that time, I don't know what to do.
That why I don't trust them.

Playing with Pius and Meg is one of my duties. ( being princess is not easy... Sigh)

I have very good manner. Of course, I'm princess.
But honest with you, I don't like "wait".

I show some pictures which indicate how my servant treat me unfairly.

I show additional my pretty pictures. Enjoy them.