Her bed is the Italian leather sofa. One night, I realized that it is more expensive than our king size mattress!

We have spoiled her......

  Dogs sleep this way...?


She is not in good mood...

Her favorite position

She is making saliva


She sleeps 20 hours a day


 complaining posture

Eeyore, you are my toy.


"leave it!"

Watching TV

with her favorite ball

She seems to think she is a model


Incident 1 Oh my god! check this out!!! Diarrhea

She took a huge crap in game room! Well, the incident occurred one afternoon.
Nobody was at home except her. She knew it was not good to take a crap inside the house.
However, she couldn't hold it.  The down stares was her territory, so she went to the game room
where is the farthest place from her territory. Pius and I had never thought we had a huge crap inside the house.
Next morning, Pius noticed something black on the game room floor.  This is his comment.

"At first, I thought that there was something wrong with the ceiling. 
Then, as I approached, I found that it's shit!  And, it is not human......"

To me, human Poop is more scared me, though.

Fortunately,  I was not there.... He cleaned it up alone.
Of course, Pius was so piss!!. Nevertheless, this incident ruined his day completely...

Who is she?

stage 1

stage 2

 stage 3

 You are no longer golden, goofy

 Golden..? Labrador?

Hair doesn't change her life.