8/29    Departed DFW

8/30    Arrived Rhodes, Greece late

8/31    Rhodes   It was so hat. It was hatter than Dallas.  How come!

9/1      Rhodes

9/2      Ferried to Patmos

9/3      Ferried to Kos, Flight to Athens late

9/4      Athens

9/5      Athens

9/6      Corinth Canal, Epidaurus, Nafplio, Mycenae

  Fortified island of Bourtzi (1930) and the Venetian Palamidi Fortress on hilltop (1710s)

9/7     Olympia via Nafpaktos and Patra

Fortified Harbor at Nafpaktos Burn Countryside

9/8      Delphi    (bunch of rocks.. I guess I was tired of seeing ruins... :  )  )  

9/9      Meteora, Dion

9/10    Kastoria, Edessa    ( 10th, 11th,12th days were extra. I don't recommend to go there. )

9/11    Pella, Thessaloniki   

9/12    Boudari @ Naoussa, Vergina, Thermopylae

9/13    Athens/Ancient Corinth

9/14    Crete (Irakleio, Palace of Knosos)

9/15    Crete (Phaestos, Gortys)

           We had to change bus in Mires.  As it turns out, it's a nice town with a busy Marketplace.

9/16    Ferried to Santorini, Flight to Athens late

9/17    Early flight back to DFW

Greek food was sooooo oily. I was really really disappointed. Close to 3 weeks, we kept eating oily Greek food.
That's why I gained weight! The organized tour which we joined was too long.  I recommend of 4 days tour instead of 7 days. 
Also, I like a snack, "baked pita".  Oh, I almost forget to mention about a fish red mullet, which was good.