4/10    Dublin

4/11    Dublin

4/12    Dublin -> PowersCourt -> Dublin

4/13    Dublin -> NewGrange and Knowth -> Belfast

4/14    Belfast -> Giant Causeway/Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge -> Londonderry

4/15    Londonderry -> Silog -> Clonmacnois -> Ennis

4/16    Ennis -> Bunratty Castle -> Limerick -> Cliff of Moher -> The Burren -> Ennis

4/17    Ennis -> Ardfert Cathedral -> Ring of Kerry -> Cork

4/18    Cork -> Blarney Castle -> Waterford -> Kilkenny

4/19    Kilkenny-> Cashel -> Cahir -> Kilkenny

4/20    Kilkenny -> Jerpoint Abbey -> Dunmore Cave -> CastleTown House -> Hill of Tara -> Trim Castle -> Dublin


Of course, we cannot skip the Food. I don’t know how to say about Irish food…
Oh! I LOVE GUINNESS  These are Irish beers!
One night, Pius order a glass of Guinness, I did a pint of Guinness. I was very proud of that.

Ireland is very beautiful country, like a fairy tale. It is absolutory gorgeous.

But 11 nights in Ireland was too long. They did not offer exciting stuff to us. May be I expected from Ireland too much.

Driving … Key word is super coverage!
I, Megumi, drove 2500 km ( around 1500 miles ) with a very small car, Peugout.207
2 month before this trip, Pius asked me that if I need to help, we will rent automatic.  ; ;
Of course, we rent a manual car.
Some of MAJOR roads were 2 way traffic and roads were barely wide enough for 2 cars.
Some roads were uneven surface, up and down, right and left. And speed limit was 100km/h ( around 60MPH)
This was the first time very hard to keep up with speed limit. But I enjoyed driving very much.
We had an accident near Limerick.  Of course, it was not my fault.

Guy hit us was traveler, too. When he realized that our both cars were rent cars from Hertz and had super coverage,

He was really happy! When you drive outside country, you make sure to buy insurance.