Feb.    Brought our house in Hillsboro Oregon

2/16    Japanese Gardens

4/18    Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

4/25    Wine Tasting  -- Over 24 vineyards in a single place

5/16    Hood River City and Mt. Hood

5/25    Astoria

6/6    Rose Festival Naval Fleet

6/7     Beran Winery

6/9    Japanese Gardens (Megumi and her mother)

Megumi's mother and 2 sisters came to visit.

6/13    Angel Rest Hike

6/20    Dining in Paley

6/21    Forest Park Trails Hike

Hugh Slut! 5 inches long!

There are lots of sluts here.  Maybe, it's because it's wet here.  I don't remember I saw sluts in Texas.

6/27     Clam Digging near Tillamook

Paul Chiang invited us to join his church group for clam digging.

You have to get a license (around $6) and there are a max. of 20 clams per person.  We got 3 large

ones (size of our hands) and bunch of smaller ones.

Kite Festival in Lincoln City

6/28    Powell Butte Trails Hike, Dining in Chart House

7/4      Picking Berries

7/18    Seattle

8/15    Multnomah Falls

8/23    Seaside

8/30    Venonica-Bank Trail

We took Eeyore to hike/walk everywhere.

8/30    Air Show

9/5      Crater Lake

9/12    Saddle Mountain Hike

9/20    Oktoberfest at Mt. Angel, Silver Falls Hike

9/20    Washington Park Hike

10/10    Foliage

10/11    Mount St. Helens Hike

12/12    Ski in Hood Meadow

Home Gardens