5/21    Munich, Germany

5/22     Dinkelsbuhl,  Rothenburg, and Buchenwald, Germany

5/23    Wittenberg and Berlin, Germany

5/24     Berlin and Bergen-Bensen, Germany

5/25    Amsterdam, Netherland

5/26    Amsterdam, Netherland

5/27    Rottendam and Kinderdijk,  Netherland, Antwerp and Burge, Belgium

5/28    Ypres and Brussels, Belgium   

5/29    Brussels, Belgium

5/30    Cologne, Germany (Rhine River Cruise) and Luxemburg

5/31    Luxemburg, and Heidelberg, Germany

6/1      Lucerne, Swiss, and Milan, Itlay

6/2      Nice, France

Originally, Motoda-san and I were supposed to leave Nice together but I had a last-minute business trip to Oulu, Finland. 

So, Motoda-san took off by himself and pick me up in Munich airport.