November 27,28,29,30 1998
Again, This was a weekend trip.
Pius went to Naple from Dallas ( It took more than 15 hours because he changed an airplain in London )
Megumi went to Naple from Nice. ( It took less than 2 hours )

South Italy was completely completely different from norht Italy.
Town was dirty, and traffic was chaotic ( nobody followed signals! Woo...)

28 Ponpei
29 Island di Capri
30 Paestum

28: Visited Ponpei

Ponepei is the city which was destroied by an eruption of mount Vesuvius.

Because of low season? There were few people in Ponpei

The night, we walked around Naples.
Santa Lucia, which is the most famous streets in Naples.
Partenope, which there are many expensive hotels in there.
I wish I would have stayed such kinds of hotels.
Our hotel was a desent hotel whose bed was so soft, so my back was sore.

Castel dell'Ovoview from Street Partenope

29 Island di Capri

We rode a ship to Island di Capri. This picture is view from the ship 

We wanted to watch "blue cave",  we could not enter the cave because a tide was so high.
However, the scenery of Capri was so beautiful. I hope that I will go there again.

Houses were white, and sky was clear blue.
The seene was as if in Greek.

We ate a local restaurant which food was good, and owner was also nice.
When we asked the distance from there to a mountain,
He said, "It is close. It takes around 45 minutes."
Later, we found out if we went to the mountain, we could not go back to Naples.
General speaking, Italian are rough.....

At the night,
we watche San Francesco di Paola. It was almost close, so we didn't enter here.

Galleria Umberto 1Floor is marble and dome is iron and glass.

We ate at same restaurant which we ate last night because this was good.
One couple also shoed up at the same restaurant 2 days.

30 Paestum

This was built around 600 BC.

Temple of Neptune was so nice
Temple of Hera was repaired at this time.

A house was buried! 

Look at mosaic

The last night, Pius was sick. Why is he sick whenever we go somewhere????

At nighdnight, Pius woke me up and said that if he could not say about his symptoms
at next morning, please explain to a doctor on behalf of him. I was sleepy, so I said, "yes."
And next moment, I was sleep.

August 31. We had leave around 5 morning.
Pius was sick, still he took care about checked out a hotel and got a bus ticket so on.