It was cold, very cold. I brought only a light jacket.
We were stupid enough to believe the weather forecast, which said that it would be 10 C (50F).
Anyway,  traveling by train was very easy and fast since Netherlands is a very small country.
I liked the museum in Hague, Gouda, and I also liked the Dutch pancake.
I have to mention about Dutch food. On Greece home page, I let the other person take charge.

That's why a separate food section was omitted.

The museum card! I thought it was a good deal. It cost 40 Euro. Many museums and some churches were free with this card.
It is valid for a year. But for tourists staying for a short time, it is not a good deal. 

In train stations, there were many vending machines. If we could buy tickets from that, we didn't have to pay extra fee.
However, most European countries don't take normal VISA or MasterCard, we had to go to a ticket counter.
And we found out that we had to pay extra 0.5 Euro per ticket. If ticket is expensive, 0.5 Euro is not bad.
But if a ticket costs only 1 Euro? It was 50% more!  

11/22    The Hague

11/23     Kinderdijk, Gouda, Hague

11/24     Leiden, Amsterdam

11/25     Amsterdam, Haarlem

11/26     Ulrecht, s-Hertogenbosch