Day before my departure from France, Walter, Beer-Monster, Meg, and Karen came to Paris with me. 

We visited Versaille.

                                                       Hall of Mirrors

We visited the Lourve again.

This was my first time to be the Sacre Coeur although I had been in Paris many times by then.

I met my friend, Dana Walden who was my TI expatriate officer.  She quitted TI and moved back to France for work.

The last day of Tour du France......

This was also the first time to visit le Musee National de Orangerie a le Jardins des Tuileries.  Monet's masterpiece, Water Lilies is here.

As usual, I visited the Notre Dame every time I visited Paris.

The day I was supposed to leave for Dallas, I over-slept and I remember I had one and half hour only from the center of Paris to Orly.

That was hell to get to my flight but I did make it!