08: Mum and I met in London
09: London: Westminister Abbey, the changing guard,
10: London: National Gallery, Temple  
11: Birmingham:
12: Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick castle
13: York
14: York
15: London: London tour 
16: London: Windsor 
17: London:  the Changing guard, Sherlock Holmes museum, St Paul's cathedral 
18: London: the British museum  
19: London: Oxford
20: London: Covent garden ( shopping ) 
21: mom left to Tokyo; Megumi left to Krakow

Last time I went to Italy with my Mum, I thought that it was the last trip with mum.
Because taking care of mum was a hard job. But she has made me guilty because we
don't see each other much... So, I planed this trip. (Don't you think I'm good?)
In London, everything was more expensive than it in Tokyo.
It is surprised, isn't it? Of course, hotels in London were expensive yet rooms were
very very tiny. Mom had difficult time to open her suitcase in the hotel room.
UK has most rain in November. However, a rainy day was only one. This was amazing, wasn't it?
But mum said that she brought sunny day all time. It may be true.

We did afternoon tea in Harrods,
and ate roast-beef in very famous restaurant in London. 

The travel to Birmingham and York was with first class train.
drinks and food were compliment.

The apartment of Windsor was gorgeous but we were not allowed to take pictures....

I liked Stratford-upon-Avon, where Shakespeare was born.
York was nice town but one day was enough.

But mum enjoyed seeing antique shops.

The hotel we stayed 6 nights were very very small.
In British museum, I'm sure that mum remembered bento box we ate in the restaurant in second floor

than any other displays in the museum. 

When I showed "Rosetta stone" to mum proudly, mum said what it was?
None of them didn't impress mum.
However, mum likes Harry Potter movies, so we went to Kingcross station,
she said this is a place Harry goes to musical school. When we went to Oxford and see the Hall which was
used for Harry Potter movies, mum was happy.