11/8      Megumi arrived London UK

11/20    Pius arrived Krakow, Poland

11/21    Megumi arrived Krakow, Pius visited Auschwitz

11/22    Wieliczka, Poland and Krakow City.

11/23    Czestochowa and Warsaw at night

11/24    Malbork and Gdnask at night

11/25    Gdnask and Warsaw at night

11/26    Warsaw

11/27    Warsaw

11/28    Early flight back to DFW via Gatwick

Megumi left couple weeks ahead to meet with her mother for UK.  Afterward, she sent her mother home
and left for Krakow to meet up with Pius who arrived a day ahead.

Food is one of the favorite topic for each trip.

Comment of Megumi
Pius booked all hotels. I thanked to him, really.
However, the hotel in Krakow located far from a bus stop and a railway station.
First of all, I had a hard time to find out the way to go to the city center from the Krakow airport.
I was almost to take a taxi. But I found out the local bus station. I can tell you that this airport is not
tourist friendly. I paid 2.5 polish money. Shortly after the bus moved,
I realized that there was no announcement or no indication of bus stops.
Oh my God! How could I know the bus stop I get out. Most people didn't speak English....
Finally, I found out the last stop was the city center. I was relived.
But this was not ending. I had to walk to the hotel.
Why did Pius book this hotel?? I walked around 20 minutes with a big luggage.
Pius did same thing one day before I arrived.
However, he took shuttle bus from the airport. It cost 7 polish money.
I guess I am a winner.    of what? I don't know.