On January 1, Megumi and I took the road from Plano, Texas to Beaverton, Oregon.  It took us 7 days with 2 days of rest.

We stopped at Hobbs, MN (2 days), Tucson, AZ, Las Vegas, NV (2 days), and Sacramento, CA.

Jan 1 Plano to Hobbs, NM

I-20 in TexasMegumi's 350Z

Eeeyore stayed with me all the way and she behaved very well.

We visited the Calsbad Caverns.

Jan. 3 we took off to Tucson.

Jan. 4 we arrived at Las Vegas and stayed at Luxor.

Around Hover Dam

 Jan. 5 we took a day trip to the Death Valley, CA.

Jan. 6 we arrived at Sacramento, CA.

Jan. 7 Finally, we arrived at Beaverton, OR late.