22 Dallas to Oakland ( 6.5-hour-flight )  Napa Valley
23 Muir Woods National Park 
24 Japan town ( Pius worked : )   ) 
25 Oakland to Dallas 

Why did we go to San Francisco? Because Pius had to stay from 07/20 to 07/27 in San Francisco.
He feels
looooonely to stay there alone. That why I flew to San Francisco.
Of course, the flights were courtesy of Southwest air, this means free, so the flights were not direct.
We should not complain..... Or I should not.....
Hotel, rent a car, flights were free except Eeyore's dog hotel. ( 5 nights for $100 )
Should we abandon her?

Food: As you know, food is not unique. We ate good Japanese food. Fish was good;

however, the rice part of sushi was not exactly right. It was so soft and small.

Napa Valley

Muir Woods National Park