I was in business trip in Tampa, Florida so I tool Meg with me in this trip.

Florida Aquarium in Tampa Bay

 We visited the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, north of St. Petersburg, Florida.  The primary objective of

this visit was to see Manatee for the first time.                               

  You see that fish jumping out of the water?

The average adult mantee is about 10 ft. long and weighs between 800 to 1200 pounds.  Manatees only thrives in water

at around 72 F.  Here in Crystal River, the Homosassa Springs provides the necessary temperatures for them.

Alligator in Florida...of course.

An owl looking back at me....who are you?

We had to take a boat from the visitor center to where the Manatees were.

We stopped by Tarpon Springs on the way back.  It's known as the "sponge capital of the world".

There were couple excellent Creek pastries shop there and the town itself was quite cozy.

We walk around the beaches in Clearwater area.