8/11 Eeyore, one of our family members, starts her vacation

In August, it is over 110 F in Texas; it is less than 65 F in Alaska.
Whenever I said I came from Texas to Alaskan, they frown and said, "Texas!"

This is third time to take a cruise.
We took "Princess": this is beautiful and gorgeous. 

Here is the inside.  One of the famous features in Cruise is the food, particularly the formal dinners.

8/12 Dallas --> Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

8/13 At Sea
8/14 At Sea
8/15 Ketchikan, Alaska
8/16 Juneau
8/17 Skagway
8/18 Glacier Bay
8/19 College Fjord
8/20 Seward

8/21 Anchorage
8/22 Denali National Park
8/23 Denali National Park
8/24 Denali National Park/Fairbanks/North Pole
8/25 Denali National Park/Talkeetna
8/26 Talkeetna/Anchorage
8/27 Dallas