12/October Brussels
 13/October Antwerp
 14/October Brugge
 15/October Brussels
 16/October Namur
 17/October Brussels

Akiko and I decided our destination was Belgium because 2 of us are chocolate lovers!
During this trip, we stopped by local chocolate shops every day.
We were indulgent in Belgium chocolate. 

In Brussels, Grote Markt square is impressive place.
Near the square,  there was the shop of "Tintin" . 
Of course, we took a picture of Peeing boy, also we visited at Peeing girl.
The location of  Peeing girl was no one and dirty place, we felt unsafe...
I barely took a picture of peeing girl, so the picture was not clear.
Later, Akiko complained about that. Sorry...

In Antwerp, We saw the pintings of Rubens in the cathedral. It's worth to seeing them.  

Brugge is the one of the most beautiful city where I have been.