We spent 2 days (12/10 and 12/11) in Boston before I  headed north to Portland, Maine for a business meeting.


Christian Science Center is world HQ  of the First Church of Christ Scientist formed in 1879.


Museum of Fine Arts is probably one of the better museum in US.  It was opened in 1909.

Processional Way of Babylonia                    Assyria                              Greek Artifacts

Egyptian Collections

Sargent Murals

Monet and Renoir

China and Tibet

North End is mostly the wharfs and the Italian area.

   We had Clam Chowder and Steamed Mussels for lunch.

    Old North Church was built in 1723 and Paul Revere warned the revolutionaries of the British approach.  One interesting note

is that people rent booths for church service and some of these dated back to 1700s.  Persident Ford addressed the nation there.


Old Boston

    Quincy Market is a popular shopping and dining area.  The Boston Cheers is right here.

Faneuil Hall dated back in 1742.  Today is a shopping hall but Sam Adams advocated revolution here.

    Old State House was built in 1713 as the seat of the British Colonial government.  The Boston Massacre tool place outside in 1770.

In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was read from its balcony.

Beautiful lighting outside of Macy and the Opera House

St. Paul's Cathedral (1820)

    Blackstone Block/Union Oyster House is the oldest continuous operating restaurant in US, dated back in 1826.


Havard University

Widener Library  Sever Hall

Memorial Church (1931)

Memorial Hall was dedicated to the Harvard's Union casualties during Civil War.

John Harvard Statue 

Beacon Hill/West End

    Old Granary Burying Ground

            Sam Adams                        Boston Massacre Victims                  Paul Revere                       John Hancock                Benjamin Franklin's parents

    Massachusetts State House was completed in 1798.

House of Representatives (1895) Great Hall

Senate Chamber

Hall of Flags

    Boston Common/Shaw Memorial

  Memorial for the firs black regiment in the Union Army Big Fat Squirrel

Back Bay

  New Old South Church (1875)

Boston Public Library is one of the first free public libraries in the world, founded in 1848.

    Trinity Church dated from 1877.

    Newsbury St.is a stylish shopping residential district.