The History of Eeyore's Life

My name is Eeyore, Bark!

2000  Pictures
    13 September
Eeyore was born in east Texas.
    November A fateful encounter with Eeyore in Segallville was 7 weeks after she was born.
    December  Eeyore was enrolled in a puppy school.

2001  Pictures
January Graduated from a puppy school!
      August She stayed at a dog hotel for 2 weeks. fun!?
September  One-year-old birthday

2002  Pictures
September Two-year-old birthday.
      December 75 pounds! Fight to Obesity  
    [ I'm not obese, but just little bit overweight, bark!]
    (same as her owner....who..? Pius or Megumi..?)

2003  Pictures  Eeyore's confession? conplaining?

2004  Pictures 
     April Eeyore was shaved all her hair...

2005  Pictures
     Her life hasn't changed since she was a baby... Is it good or bad !?

2006  Pictures
       We got only one picture of Eeyore!  How come!?

2007  Pictures
        Protest from Super skinny Eeyore. ( 55 pounds! ) 

2008 Picures

2009 Picures