Temperature was over 40C.. road melted..  : (
However, I, Meg, covered entire my body with clothing, cap, and sun screen.
If you see people with entire cover their bodies, most likely they are Japanese.

    Hotel ... Sheraton ( we could see Nile from our room)

    Egyptian museum ... We saw a lot of mummies.(women's mumies had hair)
    Downtown ... crowed and Egyptian bothered us. We got lost.
    We ate stuffed Pigeon, grape vine rice.
    We saw three Pyramids and Sphynx.
    There is a city near Pyramids, this contrast was very strange for me.
    We rode camels near Pyramid, as if we tripped ancient Egypt.


Cairo ==> Aswan by air            
Nile Cruise Aswan  ==> Kom Ombo ==> Edfu ==> Luxor
   Ship was sheraton
   There is a strange couple: a Thai boy and Caucasian old guy. ( I guess they are gay.)
   The first night, Pius ate fruit, the next day he was sick. ( So he didn't see Aswan dams, but Meg did! I proud of that. ).
  Aswan Dams
Kom Ombo
  Kom Ombo temple
  Edfu temple


  Esna temple
  Luxor temple ... this is small, not so impressive.
  Karnak temple ... this is so bit, nice, breathtaking. I want to visit here again.
  Valley of the King ... there are a lot of Tomb, but we just visit 3 or 4 Tombs.

  The most special one was the infamous Tutankhamen's burial chamber.

  Luxor museum ismuch smaller than Cairo museum. It is a fair museum.

  The temple of Hatshepsut ... color remaind on the wall. This is beautiful temple.
                                            The year before, many tourists were killed here.

The Colossi of Memnon are statues of Amenophis III,built at the beginning of the 14th-century B.C.

There was a tempe behind it as they guarded the entrance plyon to the temple.

  We rode a horse-drawn carriage at night.
Luxor ==> Cairo