10/Dec Left Dallas
11 arrived in Frankfurt, then move to Nuremberg
12 Nuremberg to Fussen, then to Hohenschwangau via bus
13 Hohenschwangau to Munich
14 Munich to Salzburg, Austria
15 Salzburg to Graz
16 Graz to Vienna
17 Vienna
18 Vienna
19 Vienna ( Megumi went to Melk abbey; Pius went to Budapest )
20 Vienna to Prague, Czech
21 Prague
22 Prague to Dresden, Germany
23 Dresden to Meissen, then Berlin  
24 Berlin to Frankfurt

Highlights of this trip were Christmas markets ,

The Sacher-Torte ,
Meissen factory, German beer and sausage, and El Greco, which is surprising.
And 2 of us were fascinated by Klimt's works. Actually, it may be only me.

Some of German Austrian food is good.

Also, the national library in Vienna was impressing.  

We had a hard time to find restaurants in Salzburg and Graz.
End up, we ate so-so foods there.... Don't Austrians eat out much?