July 22 Dallas to London via New York
23 London to Oslo, Norway
24 Oslo to Myrdal to Flam to Bergen by Trains and Sognefjorden Expressboat
25 Bergen
26 Bergen to Stavanger by Bus
27 Stavanger
28 Stavanger to Oslo by flight, then to Copenhagen by overnight cruise
29 Copenhagen
30 Copenhagen
31 Copenhagen, Denmark to New York via London
August 1 New York to Dallas

In Norway, food is quite expensive. The first night, the dinner cost around $100.
Pius was not happy about it.
These were food we ate in this trip.

We didn't spend much time in Oslo, just walking around the Central Oslo that day.

Next morning, we took a train to Myrdal, then to Flam via the famous Flamsbana. 

Afterward, we caught the Sognefjorden Expressboat to Bergen. 

This train-boat journey took a whole day, literally.

Bergen was the capital of Norway, prior to Oslo.  It's a pretty seaport.

Taking a short bus ride, we visited the Fantoft Stave Church,

an unique style of Christian church.

After couple nights here, we took a early bus to Stavanger. 

Stavanger is the gateway to the Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) of the Lysefjorden,

one of the highlight of this trip.  Meg stood on the edge but I was scared. It's

almost 2000 ft from the bottom!

There were other attractions in Lysefjorden but it would take days to see them.

I saw a poster of  "Three Swords Embedded in Rock,"

a memorial to the battle of Hafsfjord in the year 827,

when Norway was assembled into a single kingdom. 

It was only short bus ride there but there were nothing else around there.

Instead of spending time taking the train, we took a flight to Oslo in the morning.

We visit the Bygdoynes of Oslo.  Here, you find the best preserved Viking vessels

in Vikingskipshuset.  Around 5pm, we set sail to Copenhagen, Demark by an

overnight full-size cruise ship.

Copenhagen is a beautiful and vibrant city.  It has a wide selection of historic sites,

shopping, and food.  The most important place of this city for Meg was the

George Jensen's jewelry shop!  It was the first place to visit. 

Oh, we brought the Copenhagen Cards.  It was well worth it!