12 Dallas to Lima
13 Lima 
14 Lima
15 Lima - Nazca
16 Nazca - Ica - Pisco
17 Pisco - Lima 
18 Lima - Cusco ( Sacsayhuaman, Kenko, and Tambomachay )
19 Cusco ( Machu Picchu )
20 Cusco ( Sacred Valley )
21 Cusco - Arequipa
22 Arequipa - Colca Valley
23 Colca Valley - Arequipa
24 Arequipa - Puno - Tiwanku, Bolivia
25 Puno ( Uros Islands and Taquile Island ) Lake Titicaca
26 Puno - Lima
27 Lima to Dallas 

Of course, airlines lost our luggage. Maybe, our luggage didn't want to go to Peru...
They arrived at our hotel on the 14th. I washed my face with a cheap Peruvian soap
and put HAND CREAM on my face. Oh, I was so sorry for myself.

I've never imagined that the life span of our second digital camera was so short.
Someone killed our sweet digital camera. HOW?  Someone was so excited like a child
when we did sand boarding. He, ( I don't say the person's initial is P...), put the camera in his pocket during sand boarding.
I have to say that the camera had a tough luck. Sorry...

Pius got the high altitude sickness the first night in Cuzco ; I, Megumi, got nose-bleed and a diarrhea for 4 days.
I can see that Pius got problem but why me?
Peruvian food, Alpaca meat, beef heart, guinea pig, etc., was not my taste. So I didn't buy a Peruvian food
cooking book. So I ate some salad and got the diarrhea.  ( One good thing was I lost some weight! )

At the night of August 27, we thought that we would have our civilized life at home.  Oh no.....
We found that our refrigerator was broken. All the meat in freezer were rotten.  
Our house was so so so stinky and there were lots of dead flies.....
Our life of one week following this trip were not much better than in Peru... (We ate canned food day after day)
Anyway, our refrigerator died without anyone's notice. Sorry....