December 15 Left Dallas
16 Granada, Spain
17 Cordoba, Spain  
18 Sevilla, Spain  
19 Sevilla, Spain 
20 Merida, Spain, Portugal Megaliths, and Evora, Portugal 
21 Arraiolos, Pamela, Portugal   
22 Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal   
23 Lisbon, Portugal   
24 Lisbon, Portugal   
25 Obidos, Fatima, Qurem, Portugal  
26 Tomar, Batahala, Alcobaca, Coimbra, and Vila Pouch da Biera, Portugal
27 Salamanca, Spain
28 Toledo, Madrid, Spain
29 Madrid, Spain 
30 left Madrid

I drove around 2600 km (1625 miles). Most of the Pousada (historical hotels in Portugal ) located up on the hills.
So, roads are narrow and steep. I think that we were lucky because our car didn't get any scratches!   

This was our lovely small car.

You ask me why Pius didn't drive?  It is because Pius cannot drive a manual car!

2 of us expected good foods, of course, particularly of paella. But, we ate only one very very good paella!

If you have a chance to go to Madrid, you should go to this restaurant, La Barraca.


We tasted many other Food.  Some paellas which we ate in Spain were very bad. How come?

I guess that not all Spanish know how to cook paella.