I didn't know that St Petersburg and Moscow are connected by river.

8/11: St. Petersburg
8/12: St. Petersburg 
8/13: St. Petersburg
8/14: St. Petersburg
8/16  Valaam
8/17  Svir stroy
8/18  Kizhi, Petrozavodsk
8/19  Vytegra
8/20  Goritsy
8/21  Uglich
8/22  Moscow
8/23  Moscow
8/24  Moscow
8/25  Moscow ==> New York

Russia's hotels are dirty; the boat was extremely DIRTY
8/11 Dallas ==> New York ==>
A guy was always with us. We doubted that he was a member of Mafia!?

8/12  St Petersburg: city tour  City is old, dirty, and sorrowful...

8/13  St Petersburg:Hermitage What Palace is parts of Hermitage.
Inside the museun is so spectacular! Oh, my god... I was so glad to be there.

8/14  St Petersburg: St Issac's Cathedral
 We climbed up. ( this is basic ).
Views from the dome. 
Statue of St. Nicholas 1 in St Issac's Square 

Spilled boold is uniqe. Look at pictures. 

Seter and Paul FortressActually, I was disappointed this place.

8/15  St Petersburg ==> We jointed bus tour because following places were far from the center.

We entered only this Palace.

Peterhof  This yard and fountain were so incredible and gorgeous.

Tsarskoe Selo

The last nigh at St.Petersburg, we saw ballet! Ohps.
This was so boring. 

7 Nights cruse! This started stinky boat life. I'm so disapointment to explain how bad it was.
However, views from the ship were nice.

We passed more than 17 locks! 
First or second times, we looked whole process: the ship was locked by 2 huge door.
And water either pour water or flowed out, and the ship moved more than 10 m less than 10 minutes!
But the last, we were tired of watching this process.

8/16  Valaam: walking tour of the island. visit monastory
8/17  Svirstroy:
8/18  Kizhi, Petrozavodsk
8/19  Vytegra
8/20  Goritsy: bus tour to Cyril-Belozersky Monastery
8/21  Uglich: Kremlin and Church of Dimitry on Blood
8/22  Moscow: Metro, Old Arbat Street. most people complained about this street tour.
8/23  Moscow: Kremlin: this is so spectacular and pretty.  
                       Red squareLehnin tumb ( parts of Red square ) circus
8/24  Moscow: Novodevichiy 
                       Tomestone of Nikita Khrushchev in Novodevichiy cemetry
                        When Pius found out his grave, he was excited. I still don't know who is he?
                       All-Russian Exhibition Center
         other places
8/25  Moscow ==> New York
8/26  New York
8/27  New York ==> Dallas