24: leave from Dallas/Fort Worth
25: Zurich --> Bad Ragaz
26: Bad Ragaz
27: Bad Ragaz --> Einsiedeln -> Zurich
28 leave to Dallas/ Fort Worth
Look at our schedule. Don't you think we are crazy?
Yes, we are. To go to Switzerland takes more than 10 hours from Dallas,
and we stay just 3 nights in there.
This is because some one wants to get the platinum status of American Airline.
Also, his wife loves to travel. She cannot say no to any chance to go somewhere.
(Yes, we are sick couple...... )

Switzerland. ==> It has many beautiful mountains and the stage of Heidi
Pius and I were grown up in different countries; however, 2 of us watched
the same Japanese animation during our childhood.
Peter Uncle-Alm Dog
Bad-Ragaz is the place where Clara went to there for treatment of her legs.
The place Heidi lived is Maienfeld, which is very close to Bad Ragaz. I want to go there in summer time.



Brand name   Comment
Teuscher so so  I got 2 chocolate bars. one of them is 99% cacao. It is not sweet at all.
It is disgusting taste. The other one is o.k. I am not big fan of Teuscher.
Laderach  good  I got 1 chocolate bar. The looks is not promising, but it is not bad.
Zeller  ? I heard that this is very good. However, I couldn't find it in Zurich.
And none of Swiss know this brand name. Where can I get this?

I haven't skied more than 6 years. Even thought human being don't lose  motor skill, it took a time to recover it.
So, I fell down and hit my head and face so badly. Look at the picture.
When I had a hard time, nobody helped me. I was in blue or black course.
Where was Pius? He was in a bunny hill.