Meg and I arrived in 6/19/2002.  We registered  as married couple in Tokyo City Hall in 6/20 and
(Pius didn't remember this date, so I gave him hard time. I cannot believe him ! we officially married in 6/20.
Technically, we have been together since 2/19/1999. Do you remember, Pius? I guess not)

the same day, we visit the US Embassy to notarize our Japanese marriage certificate so that we can

file US Permanent Resisdency (PR) for Meg in 6/24. We lined up with 4 other American-Japanese couples

in the morning and the very same day, I had my interview and Meg has to wait for her interview scheduled

for the next couple weeks.

Gifts from Meg's sisters                      Dinners with GrandMom-in-law and Mother-in-law + Mother-in-law's best friend/neighbor

  I heard of the Japanese square watermelon but this is the first time to see a real one.

Also, Meg took me to a open-air museum of the old Edo Tokyo.  Old buildings are recreated for many generations.

Finally, we visited the Tokyo ChinaTown.

Hong Kong

I took the chance to visit my brothers and sister from 6/25 to 6/30.  In the meantime, Meg had to take care

lots of errands for the PR application.

Seoul, South Korea

After my return from Hong Kong, we tool a 3-day trip from 7/2 to 7/5.


Once we came back 7/5, Meg booked a Hot Springs Traditional Japanese Hotel in Matsumoto.

    Matsumoto Castle


Next, we visited the Nagano City (Zenjouji) and the village of Togakushi ( a former Ninja Village)


On the way back to Tokyo, we stopped by a old town called Narainojyoku in 7/7.


After I left Tokyo, Meg had to wait for her interview date so she stayed behind. 

She and Mother took a short trip to Kagoshima from 8/1 to 8/3.