May 27 DFW --> Niagara Falls, Toronto, ON
May 28 Niagara Falls --> Niagara on the lake   
May 29 Niagara on the lake 
May 30 Toronto --> DFW

In May, it was already too hot in Texas. Since I hate hot weather,
I expected to enjoy the cool weather here. HOWEVER, during out time in Canada,
the hot weather followed us. Temperature-wise, Toronto was as hot as Texas.
News said that it was record high..... Poor me...

CN Tower This is well known of its glass floor of the observation deck.

Niagara Falls. We took the Mist of the Maid, which sailed close to waterfall.
We worn rain coat?
Lucky us, we could watch fireworks twice.
Niagara on the lake Winery
Icewine is very well known in Toronto!
I love to be drunk Who am I?

 Canadian? food.
We liked the town of Niagara on the lake. It was a pretty, cozy town.

Our last visit was Casa Loma in Toronto.

At last, I have to mention the Hershey's factory.