Schedule ( weekend trip ) March 6,7,8 1998

Left Nice at 5 in the morning --> Venice
We left at Nice around 5 am....
I was so sleepy, so I was just awake 3 times during driving from Nice to Venice.

We just parked Pius's car at center parking place.

 view from parking

Pius had a huge bag because he planned to go to the United States after this trip. He IS a crazy guy.
We booked a hotel at the night at tourist center.

Rode on gondola   ( Romantic!? )

Piazza San Marco ( Basilica of San Marco .. a part of Piazza San Marco )

Tipical Venice?! 

Dodeg's Palace all around were white, it is so beautifil.
We found a good restaurant; we ate twice here.

 I love love love love love an Italian ice cream, which is the most delicious ice cream I have ever eaten.

Why is Italian food so good???


There are many shops on the streets. Pius got a mask.

We walked a street by a street. I love streets in Europe.


We went to Muran, too.

Venice --> Nice
We stoped a locat Italian restaurant near boarder.
We ate pizza, and all of us except me ordered desserts.
Oh, Thanks God! After paid this dinner, all money we had were 300 lira ( less than $3 ! )
If I had eaten desser, we could not have left this restaurant.