May 26  Flew to Salt Lake city; drove to Jackson hole.
May 27 Old faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park
May 28 Grand Village, Yellowstone National Park
May 29 Back to Dallas

Jackson hole is an interesting town. I enjoyed being there; however, I had a difficult time to
find a cup of coffee!  Yes, This is Utah.

We drove through the Grand Teton National Park to Yellowstone National Park.
This was a car which we rent.  Oh my God.
No power window. No power. I missed my 350Z...
When Pius tried to pass a slow car, he hesitated to take an action.
"Can I pass the car?"   I thought why not!
When I started to drive this car, I realized that this car was powerless.
When climbed up, this car could not speed up even though full accelerator. 
Later, we checked how long it takes from 0 to 60 m.p.h.
There is no such kind of information available. If people cares about speed, they don't buy this car.

Encountered Pooh.. no, a real wild Grizzly! When Pius drove, he screamed, "Bear"

This bear was next to the road. So we were very very close. This is awesome. How many people see a real

wild Grizzly so close?

To eat is one of our ( or my ) favorite activity.